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Hi, I'm Daisy, and this is my online photo diary. Stoner girl. I love weed! Porn. Nudes. Self Shots. Plus sized and sexy. This blog is NSFW and should not be viewed by minors. 3/4 Swedish and 1/4 Chinese. I love metal, punk, tattoos, Star Trek, books, gardens, and kittehs. It is almost exclusively amateur photos of myself and occasionally my partners. XOXO! Enjoy!Submit!

Anonymous asked: Where ur feet pics u never posted: (


Seriously y’all, I get so many feet and foot fetish requests! 

I’ll post some soon, but if you want to really see my feet in action check out my C4S please. I know most porn is free, but since it’s my blog I get to choose what I post and when. Kisses! 


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Anonymous asked: Anonymously, maybe not so anonymously I wanted to tell you I wish I could fuck you so hard!!!! XOXOXOX



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Anonymous asked: Would you take black dick ?


I do not discriminate when it comes to penis color. 

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Anonymous asked: what's your bra size. and what size do you wear american?



And between size 12-16


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Anonymous asked: Do you have any kids? You don't look old or anything I was just curious.


LOL NO. No. I have no children and I plan on remaining childless. 

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